Finalists – Thoroughbred Care and Welfare 2017

Author Mike Hedge, 6 June, 2017


If a racehorse isn’t among the tiny percentage who join the breeding stock, their retirement from racing can sometimes be uncertain, or even unfortunate. But thanks to people like Lee Purchase and Jane Gollan, the old, the slow, the injured and the indifferent are increasingly receiving the after-care they deserve.

Lee and Jane have between them rehomed hundreds of former racehorses and, for both, the GSSSA offers recognition ahead of any reward.

“The Stud and Stable Staff Awards serve an amazing purpose for the little people of racing,” says Lee, who works full-time as a stable hand for Victorian trainer Darren Weir. “We all pretty much do what we do for the love of it, the love of horses, and if I was lucky enough to receive an award it would all go toward finding new homes for them.”

Jane is the wife of Tony Gollan, one of Queensland’s leading trainers, and believes that as well as helping rehome horses, the Awards can assist in educating owners who sometimes think their obligation ends when a horse retires. “These awards are a wonderful thing for those who are recognised, but they also give everyone the incentive to do better,” Jane says. “To be a finalist is great, but whatever attention or reward I might receive will be used to re-educate and rehome the horses that retire from our stable.”

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