Finalists – Administration and Ancillary Services 2017

Author Mike Hedge, 6 June, 2017


When it comes to shipping a planeload of stallions across the world, or running the often chaotic business of a racing stable, or navigating through a bureaucratic maze, the thoroughbred industry turns to people like Lyn Dressing and Sarah Moran.

As the administration manager at International Racehorse Transport (IRT), Lyn has done it all. Over the past 43 years she has acquired more knowledge about shipping of livestock, customs and quarantine, insurance, taxation, human foibles and worldwide import regulations than almost anyone alive. “I joined IRT in 1974 and I had no idea it would grow to what it is today,” Lyn says. “For me it’s mostly about the people and about doing the same job for the owner of a great racehorse or stallion as a little girl’s pony. “It came as a very nice surprise to be nominated, but it is a wonderful piece of recognition and I thank Godolphin for their sponsorship and Racing Australia and TBA for putting it on.”

Sarah Moran also works behind the scenes as office manager and personal assistant to Victorian trainer Robbie Griffiths. For the past eight years she, like Lyn, has seen her role expand to the point where there isn’t much she doesn’t do, from producing two magazines twice a year to organising fashion parades and cocktail evenings to issuing stable news bulletins to Griffiths’ 800-plus owners. “I love my job, so it never seems like a chore,” Sarah says. “Being nominated for these awards simply for doing what I enjoy is such an honour, it’s fantastic for me and for everyone working in these sorts of roles. I can’t thank everyone enough.”

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