Thoroughbred Care and Welfare Award sponsored by Queensland Off-The-Track


The Queensland Off-The-Track program is proud to sponsor the Thoroughbred Care and Welfare Award, an initiative designed to honour individuals dedicated to nurturing education and fostering a passion for the thoroughbred. Emphasising the fundamental values of care and welfare, this initiative aims to recognise and honour the deserving recipient for their commitment to the thoroughbred post-racing.

What key qualities define winning this Award?

Nominees eligible for this recognition may vary in their roles, whether as volunteers, paid professionals or those quietly making a difference in the rehoming or retraining of thoroughbreds. Their work spans a spectrum, from aiding in breeding and assisting with young horse education, to facilitating rehoming and ensuring a comfortable retirement of thoroughbreds.

Roles that fall under consideration include:

A diverse array of individuals, spanning from staff members to volunteers and business owners, share a common thread: a passion for ensuring the enduring well-being of the Thoroughbred breed.

Should you have any inquiries regarding someone’s eligibility for these Awards, please reach out to Fran Khan. She will provide clarification regarding their position.

Celebrating Past Winners:

The Thoroughbred Care and Welfare Award boasts a lineup of past winners:

  • 2023: Louise Abey (Abey Performance Horses VIC)
  • 2022: Fiona McIntyre (McIntyre & Lumsden Equine VIC)
  • 2021: Jade Willis (JW Equestrian VIC)
  • 2020: Liz Andriske (Spare One Thoroughbreds VIC)
  • 2019: Lindy Thewlis (VIC)
  • 2018: Lee Purchase (Darren Weir Racing VIC)
  • 2017: Jane Gollan (Gollan Racing QLD)
  • 2016: Nikki Cook (Shory Park Horses VIC)
  • 2015: Amy Taylor (Affinity Park Thoroughbreds QLD)

Take a simple yet impactful step: identify the individual you believe deserves a nomination for the 2024 Stud and Stable Staff Awards. This is your chance to ensure that staff feel appreciated, celebrated, and motivated to shape the future of our industry.

Ready to nominate? Make a difference today!

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