The power of employee appreciation


In the Australian thoroughbred industry, every individual from management to grassroots workers plays a crucial role, contributing to the success of our industry. However, amidst the daily demands, acknowledgment and appreciation can sometimes slip through the cracks. That’s where the Stud and Stable Staff Awards come in, taking the reins to uplift and honour the unsung heroes of our industry.

According to a Glassdoor survey, 53% of employees expressed their inclination to stay longer with a company if they felt more appreciated and recognised by their employers. Keeping this in mind, how often do you extend unpredicted recognition—a compliment, a thank-you note or acknowledgment of outstanding performance? Flip the coin now, how often have you received unexpected positive feedback from your team or workplace – and how good did it make you feel?

These seemingly small gestures carry weight in fostering a positive work environment. The Stud and Stable Staff Awards offer the perfect opportunity to appreciate, celebrate and motivate an individual, whether they’re staff members, family or involved in the thoroughbred industry.

Beyond formal recognition, these awards act as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. A nomination serves as a guiding foundation inspiring individuals, not just within their roles but also in their personal lives.

In an industry where passion and dedication are rife, recognition can fall off the daily agenda. A nomination is your opportunity to shine a light on an individual’s work, offering gratitude, visibility and recognition. When completing a nomination, consider how the time and energy invested in the process will instil a sense of pride in your nominee and showcase the value of their contributions to the industry.

Take a simple yet impactful step: identify the individual you believe deserves a nomination for the 2024 Stud and Stable Staff Awards. This is your chance to ensure your staff feel appreciated, celebrated and motivated to shape the future of our industry.

Ready to nominate? Make a difference today!


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