Elevate your nomination in the Stud and Stable Staff Awards


The Stud and Stable Staff Awards offer a platform to recognise and celebrate the dedication of individuals crucial to various facets of the thoroughbred industry. Nominating someone for these awards is a significant way to acknowledge their hard work and invaluable contributions. Let’s dive into some essential areas that can make your nomination shine, helping it stand out and improve its chances for success.

Specificity and detail: Paint the picture

  • Provide specific examples and instances that showcase the nominee’s exceptional qualities.
  • Describe their daily tasks, challenges they’ve overcome, and instances where they’ve gone above and beyond.
  • Providing extensive details offers judges a wealth of information to navigate through when sifting through nominations

Impact and dedication: Showcase tangible results

  • Highlight the nominee’s commitment to their role and the measurable impact they’ve had on thoroughbreds, the stable or stud, or the racing or breeding environment.
  • Discuss how their work has made a difference and why it is noteworthy.

Testimonials and supporting Evidence: Let others speak for them

  • Include testimonials or endorsements from friends, family, work colleagues, trainers, breeders or others who can attest to the nominee’s skills, attitude and work ethic.
  • Present any achievements or results that can add weight to the nomination.

Unique qualities and attributes: What sets them apart?

  • Emphasise what makes the nominee special. Whether it’s exceptional problem-solving skills, leadership abilities, or a dedication to continuous learning, make it clear.

Passion and personal story: Connect on a personal level

  • Share the nominee’s connection to the industry and their genuine passion for working with thoroughbreds.
  • Include stories that demonstrate their commitment and love for their work.

Clarity and structure: Make it easy to understand

  • Ensure your nomination is well-written, concise and organised.
  • Use clear language to effectively communicate the nominee’s achievements and contributions.

Categories and eligibility: Tailor to fit criteria

  • Review the award categories and ensure your nomination aligns with the criteria for the selected category.
  • Tailor your nomination to meet the specific requirements outlined for each award.

When completing a nomination, consider how the time and energy invested in the process will instil a sense of pride in your nominee and showcase the value of their contributions to the industry.

Take a simple yet impactful step: identify the individual you believe deserves a nomination for the 2024 Stud and Stable Staff Awards. This is your chance to ensure that staff feel appreciated, celebrated and motivated to shape the future of our industry.

Ready to nominate? Make a difference today!

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