A Good Example of a Stable Staff

A Good Example of a Stable Staff Award Nomination

John Horseman began a career within racing in the U.S. which due to the love of the industry, the horses within his care, loyalty, hard work and commitment, he has never left. These initial attributes alone make him an ideal candidate for this Award.

John can be classed as an “old hard boot” and this is meant in the most positive way possible. His stable management and care of his horses are second to none. He understands their needs and requirements and would always be the first to notice if something is wrong. He looks after the horses in his care to the highest of standards and takes great pride in his work. Within the stable John is also viewed as a very good, quiet and sympathetic rider. He is often entrusted with fillies who can be slightly head strong and who require a rider to sit quietly and need nurturing. He is able to adapt to the different horses he rides. This year he has been entrusted with riding fillies such as Fast Filly and Fast Filly Too who have both excelled on the track. As demonstrated above, John’s love of horses, loyalty and passion for the industry is quite admirable but his attitude is a precedent for all new employees and for those within the yard as a whole. He will always arrive prior to the start time, never has a day off sick and nothing is ever too much to ask of him. He will often at the drop of a hat drive a trailer to the races or to get serviced. His yard manager classes him as her hardest working member of their team. Although he has no desire to become a stable manager, he is a real team player who is very polite and who goes out of his way to help the younger members of staff coming through. He is always trying to help them learn through assisting and talking them through various stable management aspects required by the trainer. The passion and dedication which John has shown in 25 years of working within the industry is unprecedented. He has only ever had three jobs, never leaving any, which shows the regard and loyalty which is obviously mutual by both his employers and himself. He has become an invaluable part of the business and is a member of the staff that all respect and look up to. The care and love for his horses is unquestionable and the guidance he shows to the younger generation is endearing.